Welcome to the Icoran coast.

A thousand years ago, Icora was a land divided into many small tribes of men, elves and dwarves. Until one of these tribes, led by a vision of divine guardians united all the other tribes and founded The Holy Empire of Staelor.  Over the next 300 years, Staelor continued to expand, subduing all the other tribes and small kingdoms that arose around them, and eventually controlled most of the Icoran mainland. The Staelorian rule over Icora was absolute for four centuries.

This hold of the continent was only lost when the sons of the recently deceased emperor went to war with each other over the crown. A bloody civil war followed that raged on for over a hundred years resulting in the empire splitting into three. 2 kingdoms were founded to the north and south of Staelor. Laswil and Eska.

Now, 150 years after the end of the civil war, the Coast of Icora exists in a state of uneasy peace, created by the current rulers of the three realms. But unrest is rising as the emperor of Staelor lies on his deathbed and his only son and heir is not near as satisfied with being at peace.


Icoran Coast

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