The Kingdom of Eska

Eska is a Kingdom in the south of the Icoran coast currently ruled by Donnal II of Eska.


Eska was founded by the youngest son of emperor Emperor Elvorix III. Being the smartest and most sly of the three sons of the emperor, he managed to win over the nobles of the Eska region to his side without much bloodshed. Because the armies of Staelor were mostly held up by the dwarves of Laswil, he was able to force his brother to concede the land to him.


Geography and Climate

Eska has a relatively pleasant climate that's comparable to the north/middle of France. Much of the country is covered in forests or grassy fields. The ground is generally very fertile and workable outside of the marshy areas in the north east.



Eska is the second most populated area of the Icoran coast, after Staelor. It's population is, like the rest of Icora, mainly made up of humans but also has a relatively large percentage of elves. Most of the inhabitants of Eska are farmers or woodcutters benefiting from the fertile lands and expansive forests of the region.





The Kingdom of Eska

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