Icoran Coast

Session 0
What we have established

Adventure log

Day 0

The party was formed from, Garreth, Kalden, Drok’Thera and Haakvir . They took a mission from a merchant named Rese to escort him and his small caravan through the Hollow Grove. For a payment of 100gp.

They start off with the following items outside of their character options:

  • 4 minor healing potions
  • 25 starting gold (including background gold)

Houserules can be found here:




Session 1

Day 1

  • On the way to to Dewpoint, the party defeated a group of bullywugs and a giant toad on that ambushed them.
  • Along the road, the players found a corpse of a rather well clothed human man that was carrying a map of the region. The map had a location marked up in the mountains.

Day 2

  • Garreth and Haakvir met Rory and talked to him in the tavern. Rory told them about the lizardfolk stealing the sundisk from the temple of Pelor, and how Father Paul was looking for people to deal with the lizardfolk problem.
  • Haakvir and Drok’Thera saw the wounded merchant coming into the village, and heard villagers talking about the multiple big wolf attacks near the village in the last weeks.
  • The party then talked to Father Paul and reached an agreement to deal with the lizardfolk and bring back the sundisk for a payment of 150g.
  • The party encountered and beat a lizardfolk scouting party that was not in the posession of the sunddisk.


Session 2


Day 2

  • The party decides to rest after encountering a lizardfolk scouting party

Day 3

  • The party found the hideout of the lizardfolk, and after an extensive fight decided to burn it down.
  • The party then chased a small group of lizardfolk that seemed to have escaped, narrowly defeating them. They recovered the sun disk from the leader of this group.

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