Garreth Rook

One armed impoverished fencing master


Human middle aged male with ragged hair and beard, normal height/weight.
Misses right forearm which he tries to conceal to the best of his ability.
Looks like he’s been trough a lot but still carries himself with an air of arrogance/nobility.
Somehow always has alcohol within arms reach.


Former fencing champion of Aramoor and prestigious nobleman, Garreth of the Rook estate met with ill luck and lost his right arm in an accident. Most people thought he died when instead he secluded himself and used his money and assets to find a way to get his arm back, but to no avail. Now he wanders around doing low mercenary work and drinks himself to sleep every night. Yet there still remains a grain of hope within him of getting back to his older glory.

Garreth Rook

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